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Our sales men and agents throughout the territory are capable of performing the initial inspections and budgets for the application, as well as selecting the necessary materials and technical solutions. The quotations are formulated in collaboration with the technical department.
For all of the items, even the most complex, we have developed a “fast quoting” system, which is realized using our proprietary software or else in synergy with the represented companies.


Every customer need is evaluated based on our experience and our wide range of products, with the development of calculations and designs.
The technical office is equipped with dedicated software for sizing the valves and actuators, as well as with ample databases for verifying the compatibility of the materials, the ratings and the process connections. Upon completion, we verify speed, noise and cavitation troughout valves and pipes.
Those who have worked with us know how much attention and care we dedicate to properly managing our orders, from the issuance of designs and certificates to the coordination of technical support, testing and customer care.
Our comprehensive approach has allowed us to develop extensive expertise in the field of thermal exchange, as well as in relation to the directive 97/23/EC (PED) and 94/9/EC (ATEX) standards, for which we provide support, even with the use of dedicated software.
All elements that would serve very little purpose were it not to be for our added value: the experience of our technicians


The production area brings our experience to life, completing the consignments with the installation, on board the valves, of electric and pneumatic actuators, as well as accessories like positioners and limit switches.
The production area’s activities also include the performance of functional and field tests, as well as visual and dimensional checks.
We offer “service” activities in collaboration with properly trained partners, with the on-site installation of actuators and accessories, as well as overhauls, repairs and testing for previously installed valves.